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Since 2013 renewal, the number of OUP products covered by the ConCan licence is being streamlined. As of 2015, Berg Fashion Index is no longer part of the OUP package.

For OUP products not on this list, consortia may choose one of two options:
  • libraries can work directly with OCLC Canada to license the products, and pay a 3% admin fee on top of the price
  • consortia may choose to work with OCLC Canada to coordinate the renewal on behalf of their libraries 

URL:  http://www.oxfordonline.com/
Platform:  Oxford University Press web interfaces
Access Notes:  Access models vary by product.
Lead Consortium:  BC Electronic Library Network
Content Types:  FullText
Vendor:  OCLC Canada
Vendor URL:  http://www.oclc.org/ca/en/default.htm
Technical Support:  See each product website for information on how to contact technical support.
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