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Encyclopédie UNIVERSALIS et UNIVERSALIS Junior for Public Libraries


 French language

Encyclopaedia Universalis

Encyclopaedia Universalis is an encyclopedia whose creation began in 1968 and offers access to the largest encyclopedic holdings in French. This service was created to meet the demand of schools, training centers, documentation center, local governments and public and private libraries.

Junior Encyclopedia Universalis

The site of the Encyclopedia Universalis-junior is a general culture and learning tool to search for the child and the teenager and ideal complement to the "big encyclopedia" by forming a bouquet of resources for all ages and all the family.

URL:  http://www.universalis-edu.com/


Platform:  http://www.universalis-edu.com/
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Lead Consortia:  BIBLIOPRESTO
Content Types:  FullText
Vendor:  Encyclopædia Universalis S.A.S
Vendor URL:  http://www.universalis.fr/
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Contact technique Universalis : support-edu@universalis.fr

Contact commercial : sgallage@universalis.fr

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