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Shoah Visual History Archive

Description:  The Visual History Archive is USC Shoah Foundation's online portal that allows users to search through and view more than 54,000 video testimonies of survivors and witnesses of genocide. Initially a repository of Holocaust testimony, the Archive has expanded significantly to include survivor and witness testimony from four other genocidal events: the Armenian Genocide (1915-1923), the Nanjing Massacre (1937), the Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda (1994) and the Guatemalan Genocide (1978-1996).

Each collection in the Visual History Archive adds context for the others, providing multiple pathways to learn from the eyewitnesses of history across time, locations, cultures and social-political circumstances.
URL:  https://sfi.usc.edu/vha

From ProQuest:

"USCSF authenticates via IP range. Thereafter, each researcher goes to vha.usc.edu to register their account and create a unique UN/PW, to be used upon each VHA login. [ProQuest] expects this UN/PW requirement to go away once the VHA is on the PQ platform."

Platform:  VHA Online ... will move to ProQuest platform in 2017
Access Notes:  There are no limits to access. However, VHA does not come with exhibition display rights or rights to reuse in documentaries or feature films. Here are the traditional Shoah Foundation VHA “Supplemental Terms”:
"Supplemental Terms for Visual History Archive: Authorized Users may create derivative materials for teaching purposes as part of courses offered by their subscribing institution and may post such materials to a virtual learning environment on the internet solely for the duration of the course. Notwithstanding 6(c ) of the Permitted Uses, only transcripts of the videos will be available for file delivery and local loading where a PAL has been purchased"
Lead Consortia:  Electronic Health Library of BC (e-HLbc)
BC Electronic Library Network
Update Frequency:  Annually
Content Types:  FullText
Vendor:  ProQuest
Vendor URL:  http://www.proquest.com
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