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Brepols Databases

Description:  Brepols has a number of databases and all are offered through this deal. L'Annee Philologique has a separate renewal page http://www.concan.ca/trialrenewal/view.php?dbid=74 
URL:  http://www.brepolis.net/
Platform:  Brepols
Access Notes: 

The pricing model offers 3 levels of access

Campus:  Unlimited License 

Standard: 3 simultaneous User License.

Basic: 1 simultaneous user. Only available to institutions with FTE below 10,000. 

Lead Consortium:  Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL)
Chronological Coverage:  varies depending on database
Content Types:  Index
Vendor:  Brepols
Vendor URL:  http://www.brepolis.net/
Technical Support:  Laura Viskens <Laura.Viskens@brepols.net>; 
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