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Health Knowledge Network (HKN)

Mission/mandate: To deliver quality health information resources cost effectively and efficiently to post-secondary institutions, practitioners, researchers, and policy makers.

Sector Served: University; Community College; Hospitals
and health regions; Government; Professional associations

Jurisdiction: Alberta, Saskatchewan,
Manitoba, Federal

Number of members: 23 (SHIRP is counted as one member although
it consists of all universities, college, hospitals and health practitioners in
Saskatchewan, and Alberta Health Services which consists of all AHS sites
including hospitals and clinics in Alberta)

Activities & services:
 Licensing (journals; ebooks; video;
databases; clinical care tools) as per mission. Various initiatives to support
mission such as providing usage statistics, communicating license terms;
analyzing and comparing content; communicating title changes; supporting
professional development.

Overlapping consortia?

Alberta: TAL;

MDLP; CRKN; COPPUL; SHIRP (an HKN subscriber)


How overlap is
  TAL and COPPUL: informal
agreement between consortia staff to point members to HKN for health resources,
and communicate with each other when overlap is suspected. No arrangement with
MDLP or CRKN because our sectors don’t overlap. SHIRP licenses the majority of
its health resources through HKN to take advantage of the larger buying power
of HKN. If a resource is only licensed in Saskatchewan, SHIRP will generally
license outside HKN unless there is a possibility that the resource will also
be licensed in Alberta or Manitoba.

Address:  1492 Health Sciences Centre
3330 Hospital Drive NW
T2N 4N1
URL:  http://www.hkn.ca
Contacts:  Taryn Canete, HKN Assistant
Vivian Stieda, General Manager
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