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BC Libraries Cooperative

The BC Libraries Cooperative is
a community enterprise, strategically focussed on the delivery of shared
operational infrastructure and resources for our members. Simply put, we
improve efficiency, reduce costs and extend service delivery in libraries

The Cooperative is a limited-liability, non-profit
corporate body registered under the Cooperative Association
 ofBC.  The Cooperative is
the governance structure under which Sitka's
Evergreen Integrated Library System
managed and under which numerous licensed products are brokered in BC. The Cooperative harnesses
the tremendous buying power and cost savings of a consortium while at the same
time providing the corporate ability to limit risk.  

Address:  605 Robson Street
Suite 850
British Columbia
V6B 5J3
URL:  http://bc.libraries.coop/
Contacts:  Laurie Davidson, Licensing (acting)
Tami Setala, Licensing and Business Development Manager
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