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Saskatchewan Multitype Database Licensing Program

Saskatchewan Multitype Database Licensing Program (MDLP) is a province-wide program in which libraries work together to purchase access to electronic information resources to allow library patrons
across Saskatchewan can access a variety of online journals, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, e-books, and other resources.  As of July 2015, there are 33 partners participated in the program,
including all ten public library systems, all K to 12 schools represented by the Ministry of Education, the two university library systems, libraries on the four campuses of Saskatchewan Polytechnic, four
small college libraries, fourteen special libraries, and Provincial Library. Provincial Library takes responsibility for the administration and coordination of the program.  The MDLP program maintained
its cost stability and efficiency through its Core and Supplemental Collection suites of resources.  All the MDLP partners are able to access any product within the Core Collection. Products in the
Supplemental Collection are available to MDLP partners in an opt-in/opt-out option.

Some of MDLP partners are also members of consortia. For example, two universities participate in COPPUL and CRKN. Saskatchewan Polytechnic and two health science libraries are members of HKN.
The MDLP tries to avoid any licensing for partners from a single library sector. Therefore if a MDLP member can get a deal from another consortium of which it is a member, the MDLP will not be involved. 

Address:  409 A Park Street
S4N 5B2
URL:  http://www.lib.sk.ca/MDLP
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